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advanced bookmark and tab manager

Nav page

Can be used as the new tab page. It has a "tile mode" which presents data in the form of tiles, with larger icons.

Spread view

Show all the bookmarks on one screen. You will love it if you have many bookmarks in a folder.

App page

Similar to the native bookmark manager but has more advanced features.

Tab managements

Store/restore tabs as bookmarks by shortcuts, menus, buttons. Organize tabs as node trees.

Data view

View bookmarks or tabs in text format.You can copy them to the clipboard.


Tag your bookmarks and folders.

Side panel

Bookmark sidebar & vertical tabs to manage windowds and groups.

Embed mode

Cooperate between different panels.

Vi mode

A keyboard specially prepared for vi lovers.

Side panel
Vertical tabs
Onetab / session buddy import
Update / replace bookmark by tab
Cooperate with native bookmarks
Auto sync for free
Link picking
Reverse order
Bing background photos
Full drag-and-drop support
Export/import selected folders
Monthly backup
Data snapshots
Data text editor
Recent bookmarks
Advanced search
Buffer nodes
Dark theme
In page trigger
20+ browser level hotkeys
7+ panel modes