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What's the privacy policy?

All your bookmarks are stored in your browser system. Abookmark does not transfer any of your data to anywhere else.

Why does Abookmark need permission of "Site access On all sites"?

This is necessary only if you want to show sticky notes in web pages automatically (and to load the top bar trigger since v0.8). This does not affect any other features.

Is Abookmark running in all web pages in the background?

No. Abookmark does not inject anything into any web page unless it has notes to show or you evoke it explicitly (by shortcuts or button clicks).

Since v0.8, there is an option (inactive by default) to load a top bar trigger into web pages. This trigger is no more than a button.

Why Abookmark can not be loaded in some pages?

Extentions are forbidden to run inside system pages, other extention pages or chrome/edge store for security reasons.

May I rename the folders created by Abookmark?

Of course.

Since bookmark importing can not restore the 'create date', we suggest you keep the 'date' in the folder name, but this is not enforced.

How to import/export data?

Abookmark is just bookmarks.

You can use the native bookmark manager to import/export the data.

You may also transfer your data from Session Buddy. Just export your data from Session Buddy in json format, then load the json file from abookmark main menu. You can browse the loaded file nodes then select what you need and drag them into a real bookmark folder.

How to open the side panel?

You can open it by the context menu of the extension icon or by chrome shortcuts. It is also possible to open the chrome side panel first, then switch to abookmark from its drop down menu.

Chrome > 116 is required.

May I open the side panel on the left side?

Yes. Chrome settings -> Appearance -> Side panel -> Show on left / right

May I make the side panel narrower?

No. It is decided by chrome.

Why there are many net requests when I open the side panel - tab nodes?

After v0.36, the "tab nodes" needs to load favicons (the little icons on the left) from the corresponding web sites.