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Side panel

Since v0.36, abookmark includes a side panel page. It is a rewritten bookmark sidebar & vertical tabs.

Chrome 116+ is required.

You can use tab nodes as vertical tab bar in side panel. Tab nodes are tabs shown in abookmark as nodes.

side panel

The difference between abookmark tab nodes and other tab managers

  1. Abookmark tab nodes integrates with the bookmark manager and can cooperate with bookmarks seamlessly. You can drag and drop the tabs to bookmark folders, or vice versa.
  2. It supports windows and groups as folders.
  3. It is compatible with sailing and data view.
  4. It is not designed to replace the native chrome tab bar, but to cooperate with it.

How to open the side panel?

You can open it by the context menu of the extension icon or by chrome shortcuts. It is also possible to open the chrome side panel first, then switch to abookmark from its drop down menu.

For vivaldi users, you can load 'sd.html' in the side bar instead of 'mini.html'.

May I open the side panel on the left side?

Yes. Chrome settings -> Appearance -> Side panel -> Show on left / right

May I make the side panel narrower?

No. It is decided by chrome.